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Welcome to Choices

See Dr. Hanlin's State of the Schools address here: https://youtu.be/BAkQtYQZcjo
The last day of school is June 15th.
We are now in Semester 2: Term 4
Remind our students to work hard!
We have seen great improvement! Mid-terms go home May 9th.
New cell phone enforcement:
There will be no cell phone use in the classrooms or hallways for any reason.  Students may use cell phones only in the cafeteria at meal times.  If cell phones are out and visible (and earbuds) they will be considered to be in use.
First offense:  ISI for 1 period
Second offense: ISI for 1 day
Third offense: OSS if behavior disrupts learning.
Four School-wide Goals:

Following Directions
Following Team Rules
Respect Staff/Students

Students may be considered for return to the home school for the start of the next school year.  Students who achieve the 4 goals in classes daily will achieve success and demonstrate readiness to return to the home school.  Those who have not demonstrated achievement on the 4 school-wide goals will continue their intervention placement at Choices for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

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You will now have an icon on your phone screen that you can push to access our school phone/contacts, forms, news, and webpage that looks like this:
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We hope this makes it very convenient for you to be in touch with Choices Academy staff and news.


Thursday, September 7th 1:00-3:30 pm
All Choices students, staff, parents, and families are invited.  Please come out to see our staff and new school building.
Refreshments will be served.

Choices Academy has moved!

Look for us on Davis Street, Salisbury, MD [between Main Street and Route 50, on the property of Wicomico Middle School].  Use entrance on Davis Street.  Look for purple Choices sign on large gray building indicating the entrance.

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